Super Bowl Tips for Bookies

Super Bowl Tips for Bookies

Super Bowl Tips for BookiesSuper Bowl LIV is just around the corner and will be at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens.  Thus, sports bettors and bookies are eagerly waiting for one of the most exciting sports events in the world. However, while bettors are waiting to place their bets with the right odds, Bookies are looking for more customers. Thus, our Super Bowl Tips for Bookies will help bookies and sportsbooks get more customers for the Super Bowl!

This year’s Super Bowl is a bit different then what we have been seeing in the past few years.  This is because this Super Bowl has the Kansas City Chiefs playing against the San Francisco 49ers. For the Kansas City Chiefs, this is their first time in 50 years to play in the Super Bowl.

On the other hand, the 49ers have a winning Super Bowl history but have not come close to winning another title since 1995.  Thus, they are looking to recapture their former glory. For the football fan, this is a nice change of pace after seeing the Patriots play in the Super Bowl so often in the last few years. Therefore, our Super Bowl Tips for Bookies will help bookies cash on this action!

It’s not too late to get new players for Super Bowl LIV

Most online sportsbooks already have their base customers that will be betting on the Super Bowl.  However, many football fans will only bet once a year and that is on the Super Bowl.  Thus, it is your job as a Pay Per Her Bookie to get these people to bet with you.

The first step is to make sure your Bookie Website is ready to take large number of bets and clients.  This is especially true on Super Bowl day.  We recommend using as we have several servers and backup servers.  Thus, we can take millions of bets online and by phone without any break in service.

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Show off your Odds and Promotions

Contrary to popular beliefs, they are not just a few betting options for the Super Bowl.  There actually hundreds of different bets available on the Super Bowl.  This is because other than Money Line, Point Spread and totals bets we also offer hundreds of props bets.

Furthermore, thanks to having live in-game Super Bowl betting, the options are almost endless.  Thus, bookies need to cash in on these by letting their players know about it.  In turn, they will let their friends know about it leading to more Super Bowl action for your sportsbook.

In addition, now is the time to offer special Super Bowl promotions to attract new and existing customers.  According to our Bookie Pay Per Head Blog, it is a good idea to create Super Bowl only promotions.  Thus, instead of giving a high bonus, think outside of the box.

For example, give them special promotions like free bets on the coin toss or create a Super Bowl Square contest. Furthermore, get new clients with special referral bonuses for existing clients when they refer their friends.  Together, this is a winning combination for you and your clients.

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