The Bookie Bonus Tutorial

The Bookie Bonus Tutorial

The Bookie Bonus TutorialBecoming an online bookie opens up so many options for anyone who wants to run their own sportsbooks. First off, you can have players from anywhere across the world place wagers on your sportsbook. Second, your players will have access to thousands of betting options from different sporting events from local to international games. From the NFL to F1 racing, they can bet on anything. Lastly, as a bookie, you have the freedom to personalize your sportsbook – from limits, to lines, and more. Of course, you can also get some tips from our bookie bonus tutorial to see how another bookie pay per head feature can help you earn more.

You see, since you are using your sportsbook software, keeping track of lines and limits become easier. Any changes you make will be reflected in real time. Plus, you have the additional flexibility of being able to adjust almost anything individually. This gives you the freedom to be able to focus on promoting your sportsbook. You can do this to attract more players to your sportsbook, and to keep your current players active, and increase their activity even.

Bookie Bonus Tutorial

We’ll go over the basic bonuses that sportsbooks commonly use to make their sportsbooks more attractive to players. Feel free to pick a strategy or two, and tweak it to your preference.

  • Welcome Bonus. A welcome bonus is a nice way to get new players excited to place bets in your sportsbook. You can give them a certain value as credit (which they cannot withdraw), that they can use to bet on your side. Some sportsbooks will want some money up front, so a bonus when new players place wagers covering a specific amount will be unlocked is another option.
  • First Deposit. As previously mentioned, it’s the bookie’s choice if they want to give an upfront bonus, or wait for a specific amount to be deposited to unlock a bonus. Just be careful when offering this promo and make sure your terms are very specific. For example, if you give them credit for a wager, and they win, will they get just the winnings, or will they be pocketing the credit you gave as well?
  • Referral Bonus. For existing players, a referral fee in the form of credits, or a free bet is an attractive offer. Not only are you rewarding current players, but you are using them as a great way to bring in more players to your sportsbook. Since word of mouth is a popular way to expand your sportsbook, it would be a nice show of goodwill for you to reward those who help you.
  • Money Back Bets. Sometimes, new players will get an offer for a free wager with the same value of their first wager. Of course, the terms and conditions must be specific here as well, like only paying out the profits and not the stake. This PayPerHead blog can help you understand these terms even more.
  • Loyalty Bonus. Becoming an online bookie faces some challenges, and competition is probably the biggest of them. Offering great lines is the best way to keep players loyal. But rewards and offers to existing customers is a big help in customer satisfaction and retention. For instance, once a player has been with you for a year, you can give them a free bet offer. You could also offer a conditional bet, like if you wager $100, you can get a free $100 bet offer. The type of bonus you want to offer can be anything from free wagers to increasing betting limits. Either way, it keeps your current customers happy.