Maine Governor Vetoes Legalization of Sportsbooks in the State

Maine Governor Vetoes Legalization of Sportsbooks in the State

Maine governor vetoes the legalization of sports betting in the state. Governor Janet Mills said that she’s unconvinced that Maine residents are ready to legalize, support, and promote sports betting.

Mills told a betting software development firm that she wants to take a thorough approach towards legalizing sports wagering in Maine. Also, she wants to investigate the darker side of sports betting. She is curious about the illegal activities surrounding sports wagering.

The governor said that states should embrace an approach that will stop illegal activities connected to gambling in their territories. Also, she wants to protect the welfare of players who are marginalized financially and younger bettors.

Maine Governor Vetoes Legal Sports Betting

Maine Governor Vetoes Legalization of Sportsbooks in the StateGovernor Mills said that before giving residents the right to becoming a bookie, lawmakers should investigate the issue more clearly. It is viral for her office to understand what other states are going through with legal sports betting.

She said that there’s a need to prevent illegal gambling activities that are occurring right now in her state. Also, she wants to protect young people and bettors who can’t afford to lose money.

The sports betting bill would have given off-track facilities the ability to accept wagers on sports. Louis Luchini, the sponsor of the law, was disenchanted by the veto. He said that he was in San Diego when he learned about the governor’s decision.

Although sports betting is still not legal in the state, you can start learning how to become a bookmaker today. Sooner or later, the governor will see that sports betting is not something terrible. However, the state is losing out on potential tax revenue because of the delay in the legalization of sports wagering.

Rhode Island and New Hampshire are already getting additional funds from sports betting taxes. Not allowing sports gambling is the wrong decision made by the governor.