NFL bookie guide

Bookie Guide to the NFL Playoffs

Sunday night football gave us a Seahawks win over the Eagles, which now closes the Wild Card round. This means, the playoff bracket for the NFL playoffs are now final. Of course, to be an NFL bookie, and a successful one at that, one has to be able to offer the best lines on the NFL playoffs. Let’s take a look at the matchups in our bookie guide to the NFL Playoffs.

NFL Playoffs Guide

NFL bookie guideMost PayPerHead blog sites will show you the basics of football betting. But also keep in mind that some betting and line management strategies will be important to know, especially in the playoffs and into the post season. So aside from the basics, you need to find out which strategies will work for the playoff season. Let’s take a look at the teams, and go through some strategies for the next few games. First off, in the AFC, you have the Baltimore Ravens versus the Tennessee Titans. Baltimore is a 10 point home favorite. Next up is the Kansas City Chiefs versus the Houston Texans. The Chiefs are an 8-point favorite in the divisional round.

As for the NFC, you have the San Francisco 49ers versus the Minnesota Vikings, then the Green Bay Packers versus the Seattle Seahawks. So far, bettors are favoring wagers on the Saints, the Chiefs, the Rams, and even the Seahawks. Since the playoffs are a single-elimination, you can expect more action per game that the previous weeks.

NFL Bookie Tips

This makes line management more crucial for you to ensure a balanced book. Popular teams with a huge fan base will probably attract a lot of recreational bettors to your sportsbook. When this happens, betting experts will be finding value on these wagers and will bet against the public. But if the difference between the two sides are too much, you are taking more risk on your sportsbook. When this happens, try to adjust your lines to make it attractive enough to get people to bet on the other side more.

Of course, when setting lines, pay attention to home versus road games, as these are pretty good indicators on the performance, and possible outcome of a certain matchup. Don’t forget to check on any player injuries as well, or anything that could affect the games. And if you know how a sportsbook pay per head work, then you can easily adjust your lines, and even adjust your players’ limits to maximize your profit during peak football season.