2019 NCAA Football Bowl Betting Strategies

2019 NCAA Football Bowl Betting Strategies

2019 NCAA Football Bowl Betting StrategiesThe 2019-20 College Football is in full throttle and will continue until January 2020.  Furthermore, this is one of the busiest times of the year for Pay Per Head Bookies.  This is because many people that do not bet on a regular basis do so for college bowl season. Thus, we give you our 2019 NCAA Football Betting Strategies to help players dominate the college bowl betting scene!

While it is true that handicapping so many NCAA football bowl game is a lot of work it is possible.  However, keep in mind that is a bit tricky for most football betting pick experts.  This is because when it comes to college football, the motivation for winning is very different from the NFL.

However, we have done all of the hard work for you and came up with several useful NCAA Football Bowl Betting Strategies.  This is thanks to a combination of proven strategies and results from our betting software. So, without further ado, here are our College Bowl Betting Strategies!

What do recreational bettors think about the R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl between No. 20 Appalachian State and UAB? Very little, other than the Mountaineers being positioned.

Rank Teams vs. Non-Rank Teams

Top 25 groups will get a lopsided number of wagers from the open since they are positioned. In early wagering a dominant part of spread betting is on App State. Thus, oddsmakers realize easygoing bettors will bet on Top 25 groups and consequently expand their lines.

Therefore, in bowl games, wagering against teams that have a rank have an advantage.  In fact, according to Bookie Agents, they have gone 178-168-3 (51.4%) against the spread (ATS) since 2005

It has been progressively beneficial to blur positioned group when they face an unranked adversary: 52-42-1 (55.3%) ATS.

Unpopular Underdogs

Recreational bettors like to bet on favorites.  Furthermore, in NCAA Football Betting, they receive a majority of spread tickets 75.5% of the time. Therefore, favorites are usually overblown which leads to more value for the underdog.

This is why it is more profitable to bet on the underdog when the betting on the favorite is heavily on them. According to Raymond of Carara ocean view resort community, they are 5 college bowl matches that fit this pattern.  They are Oklahoma at +13, Iowa State at +4, Virginia at +14 Florida Stat at +5 and Indian at +2.

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