Sportsbook Operations in Missouri

Will We See Sportsbook Operations in Missouri Soon?

Becoming a bookie is one of the more profitable ventures an individual can make. With a growing US betting market, the income you can generate as a bookie can also increase. The US government itself has acknowledged this. Since 2018, states have been scrambling to come up with bills to regulate a sports betting industry in their areas. Some are more progressive, with multimillion revenues as early as the start of 2019. Some states, however, prefer to take their time to properly study their possible market, and create policy that will best benefit everyone concerned. And will we see sportsbook operations in Missouri this year? Highly doubtful, but their legislation is working hard to address this.

Sportsbook Operations in Missouri Soon

Sportsbook Operations in MissouriA special House committee recently released a report studying gambling in Missouri. The bipartisan group of legislators are supportive of having a sports betting market in the state soon. The state’s Senate already has a few bills on gambling recently, with two placeholder bills to approve sports betting as well as to install video lottery terminals. This would be under oversight by the state lottery.

Interestingly, the bills do address the need for online wagering and gambling on all gambling activity. However, there is still no mention on who will oversee this, and how much taxes will be collected. Missouri has been one of the first states to support riverboat casinos, but that seems to be the end of their interest in gambling. Offering more gambling options is a big step from a rather previously conservative approach Missouri has on gambling and sports betting.

The best sportsbook pay per head company offers a wide variety of wagering options for their bookies. In turn, players will have access to the top sports in the country, such as the NFL, MLB, NBA. People can also place wagers on collegiate sports like basketball and football in the NCAA. Of course, more sports like tennis, golf, boxing, racing, and even horse racing are popular betting options that people can enjoy. If Missouri can legalize sports betting soon, the state can profit from taxing the industry. But how much, and what they will tax, remains to be seen.

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