With a 50-0 professional record, Floyd Mayweather will be a Hall of Famer in the future. At 42-years of age, the boxing legend said he is done with the brutal sport. He already retired twice from the competition – in 2007 and 2015.

However, he came back from his retirements to extend his winning streak. However, it looks like he is hanging his boxing gloves for good. As a result, there will be no rematches against Canelo Alvarez or Manny Pacquiao.

Mayweather told PPH bookie providers that he continues to get calls about fights. However, he said that health is wealth. Boxing is a brutal sport, and many fighters died inside the ring. He noted that boxers should know when to hang their gloves. He added that he already has a great career. Finishing with an unbeaten record is a beautiful feat indeed.

Done with the Brutal Sport

Mayweather Tells Bookie that He is Done with Brutal Sport of BoxingRetiring as a professional boxer doesn’t mean Mayweather is leaving the boxing industry for good. The fighter will still travel around the world to do exhibitions. He told price per player outlets that he makes around $10 to $30 million with a single exhibition bout.

At present, he is focusing on his gym franchise and promotion company. Also, he wants to venture into MMA to develop his brand. However, he still believes that boxing is king. He told Price Per Player that he is satisfied with how his career played out.

He fought Connor McGregor to make his brand known in the MMA. However, he didn’t do much in that industry and still focused on boxing. Although this might seem like the end of Mayweather as a boxer, he will continue to work behind the scenes. Also, you will see him at ringside, watching fights under his promotion.