Sports Betting Boosts NFL TV Ratings

Sports Betting Boosts NFL TV Ratings

As more and more states legalize sports betting, gambling operators have also been building relationships with professional sports leagues in the US. Of course, there are still items under debate, such as dealing with integrity issues, and sports leagues wanting a cut from sports betting revenues. But for the most part, professional sports leagues like the NFL and the NBA have already begun partnerships with certain operators. And it seems to be paying off, as sports betting boosts NFL ratings.

The NFL is one of the most popular sports leagues in the US. Some will even create a sportsbook that caters to an exclusive market of football bettors. And with legalized sports betting, the industry has gained so much popularity, which has boosted both the local gambling industry, and league TV ratings. In the NFL’s case, we are talking a 6% increase to 16 million viewers in the first half fo the 2019 NFL season.

Sports Betting Boosts NFL Ratings

nfl bettingFootball betting fans will be sticking it out throughout the game, mostly to see how their wagers are doing. The American Gaming Association’s research says that 75% of football bettors will more likely watch an NFL game if they have a wager on the game. Even more, 51% will be more likely to watch any pre-game show, while 63% will also more likely watch with family and friends if they have a wager placed.

According to the AGA, there are 38 million Americans, which is roughly 15% of the adult population of the country are planning to place a bet on the current NFL season. 24% of them will be more likely to place bets if it was legal, and convenient for them. So far, there are 13 states with legalized sports betting, with 8 of them offering online sports betting.

Of course, online sports betting reaches a wider consumer base, as the convenience and ease of sports betting allows them to enjoy gambling wherever, and watch the game while placing bets. The potential to win money is big in the NFL, with the sheer number of games alone. Most sportsbooks see a lot of wagers in the point spread and the Over/Under. But there is also an increase in wagers in in-game betting options, which gives the bettor a more exciting gambling experience. If you learn how does pay per head work, then you can even make your own sportsbook and have your family and friends place bets on your very own sportsbook.

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