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Montana Gets Ready for Sports Betting Hearing

The US sports betting market will vary with each state. Normally, when you open a bookie website, you will have endless options for placing bets on sports to offer. But because of the varying policies each US state has, some may miss out on local team events, or lose access to wagering on collegiate level sports. Some may bet online, while some will have to go to a physical store to place wagers. For Montana, its residents will have to vote on what to do.

Montana’s legislators want sports betting to be easy. For instance, the ultimate sportsbook pay per head will be accessible online through multiple channels, regardless of device and operating system. The state wants to have many accessible locations for its residents, going as low as having one location for every 764 of its residents.

Sports Betting in Montana

montana sports bettingGovernor Steve Bullock approved the legislation that will allow sports betting in the Big Sky state. Its state lottery commission will have regulatory powers over the industry. So far, the commission has a proposal to allow sports betting at almost 1,400 sites across the state.

Of course, this plan is not final yet. There will be a public meeting and hearing on October 28 to discuss the matter. So far, the law allows for both physical and online sports betting. The betting machines, if approved, will take care of the demand for in-person betting. These machines will also operate in liquor permit-holding establishments. There are still no updates on the online sports betting front.

As for the betting machines, this will actually be easy for the state to implement. Currently card games and video machine gambling is already set up. In Montana, gambling is allowed at any location so long as it has a liquor license. Currently, there are 1,400 registered establishments that can offer liquor. And if 1,400 sports betting machines will exist, then it will be very easy for Montana to earn revenues from the sports betting handle of the state. Of course, having online sports betting will most definitely increase the probability of higher betting handle, especially during winter.

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