6 Teams Reject Proposed 2021 F1 Regulations

6 Teams Reject Proposed 2021 F1 Regulations

The majority of teams rejected the proposed 2021 F1 regulations. Six of the ten teams said they didn’t agree with the plans. In fact, only Red Bull, Renault, Alfa Romeo, and McLaren agreed with the proposal.

However, two of the four teams proposed some changes to the rules. F1 stakeholders will meet later this month to discuss the proposed 2021 F1 regulations. The FIA set the deadline for the approval of the new rules on October 31. However, the motorsport ruling body didn’t indicate if they support the new rules.

If teams can’t reach an agreement, Ferrari has the right to veto the proposed rules. However, the Italian team doesn’t want the issue to reach that stage. It is much easier to create a sportsbook than have all teams agree with the new rule changes.

Proposed 2021 F1 Regulations

6 Teams Reject Proposed 2021 F1 RegulationsMercedes, Ferrari, and Red Bull gave out the questionnaire after a meeting at the Singapore Grand Prix. During the meeting, teams received a copy of the proposed F1 regulations for the next season. It included restrictions on design freedom.

As a result, many teams expressed their concerns. During the meeting, FIA president Jean Todt didn’t want to approve rules without the consent of all members. He asked teams to show their positions on different issues and give suggestions.

The questionnaire had ten questions, including whether they agree with the new rules or stick with the current regulations. If they agree with the proposed rules, it asked if they want more design freedom. Also, the questionnaire asked what teams felt about the standardization of parts.

McLaren, Renault, and Alfa Romeo gave their response right away. Williams submitted its response to the questionnaire a couple of days after the meeting.

F1 has been working on new technical regulations for more than two years. It wants to close the gap between teams and make it easier for cars to overtake. Although teams already agreed on a budget cap, there’s no unanimous decision about the proposed changes to cars’ design.

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