Ohio Sports Betting

Ohio and PGA Disagree on Sports Betting

Keeping track of the states who offer sports betting in the US, Ohio is still a ways from joining that list. But the potential for tax revenues is high in the country. The growth of the bookie agent in the Americas is being sustained by a growing betting market. And with the use of a PPH service, earning from sports betting has become easier.

So, how bookies make a profit from this is basically simple. Sports events in the US alone number in the thousands in a given year. You have basketball, football, baseball, soccer, boxing, golf, tennis, plus other online gambling options that sportsbooks and online casinos have.

Ohio and PGA Disagreement

Ohio Sports BettingOhio, as mentioned earlier, is far from offering sports betting in its state. They have a few bills pending approval. But legislators are still undecided on which option to select to pass into law. And while the state is taking its time to consider its options, its legislators with the House Finance Committee has had a discussion with the PGA. The conversation centered on official sports data and sportsbooks.

A lot of sports leagues, the PGA included, were hoping for an integrity fee from sports betting revenues, but has been met with resistance by betting operators. As an alternative, some of these sports leagues have formed partnerships with gambling operators and sportsbooks. These partnerships are marketing and advertising-related, but it also involves a crucial feature: official game data.

These sports leagues have spent years developing systems and software that generates, distributes, and monitors official game data for each league. Understandably, giving access to these features should be compensated. And while the conversation between Ohio legislators and PGA officials are far from positive, everything is still not final. Policies will not be set until a sports betting bill passes into law. And in Ohio’s case, it might take a while.