Sports Gambling and Streaming: The Choice Laptop for a Sweeter Experience

Sports Gambling and Streaming: The Choice Laptop for a Sweeter Experience

Sports Gambling and Streaming: The Choice Laptop for a Sweeter ExperienceIf you are multi-regional sports fans like us, and we know you are, getting all of the sports content that you want becomes a hassle on its own. Especially if you would like to place bets on all of the games, getting full access becomes even more important. Thus, your Sports Gambling and Streaming experience can be much better with the right laptop.

Fortunately, we have uncovered one stunning new piece of hardware that could change the game for lovers of sports: the HP Spectre x360 13. In addition, this laptop is also a perfect to run a fully functional sports betting software.

So, of all the units that this company has ever released, why this one?

1. Size Matters for a betting Sports Gambling and Streaming Experience

One thing that all streamers want is the convenience to consume their content on the go. This means that they take size to be a very important part of their hardware considerations.

While you can always stream your games on your smartphones, that does not give you all of the room to enjoy them as much as you would on a larger screen which, at the same time, is not too big to carry around.

Given that the Spectre x360 13 comes with a 13-inch screen which has tiny bezels to call its own, it becomes one of the best picks for this purpose.

2. Data Privacy and User Security

Streamers spend a lot of time on the internet, which makes them targets for hackers and scammers. After all, being connected means they can be remotely accessed at just about any point in time.

Thankfully, HP has seen ahead of that curve and they bring some proactive solutions to the market for their users.

On the one hand, the laptop features a webcam kill switch which allows you to disconnect the webcam from all of the other electrical components on the motherboard. This is more than just not using the webcam – which could still make it accessible in the background. Now, you are sure the webcam can neither be used on-site or remotely unless you turned it back on via the kill switch first.

The same goes for the microphone which features a LED mute button of its own. Now, you don’t have to worry about your conversations being listened in on by anyone.

3. Native VPN support

Users who have, at one time or another, tried to stream sports or place bets on platforms not available in their region will know how frustrating that can be. On the Spectre x360 13, though, HP teams up with ExpressVPN to bring a VPN offer onboard.

This VPN provider has over 3000 different servers in almost 100 countries, so there is a slim chance you don’t find a server in the location you would love to place your bets in. By simply connecting to their servers, you get full access to all of their sports on your computer too.

Besides this obvious advantage, the VPN also protects you against the many dangers of public Wi-Fi networks – which has become a top choice for those who get their games over the internet.

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