Bookie Athletics News – Christian Coleman Wins 100M Title

Bookie Athletics News – Christian Coleman Wins 100M Title

Christian Coleman won the 100 meters in the World Championships in a stunning fashion. Right after the win, he had to defend himself against criticisms for missing three doping tests. He won the race with the time of 9.76 seconds, which is the sixth-fastest time in history.

His win came just a couple of weeks after he avoided a ban for missing doping tests due to a technicality. He told sports news reporters that he is sad to hear things from people who don’t really know him.

In August, the US Anti-Doping Agency charged Christian Coleman for missing several drug tests within a year. However, the agency withdrew the case after they found out there was a filing error regarding the date of the first missed doping test.

Christian Coleman Controversies

Bookie Athletics News – Christian Coleman Wins 100M TitleChristian Coleman told bookie PPH insiders that he proved through the years that he did everything by the law. He didn’t let the doping test controversy get to him. Instead, he focused on himself and his family. As a result, he won the 100-meter gold in the World Championships.

In addition, he said that he was not supposed to be a world champion. As a black guy from Atlanta, he wasn’t supposed to make it outside of the bubble.

He is looking for his second gold on Sunday when he competes for the 200-meter title. Another American, Justin Gatlin, took silver in the 100 M with the time of 9.89 seconds. His victory came 15 years after he won the 100 M at the 2004 Athens Olympics.

At 37 years old, Gatlin wants to try to earn Olympic gold. He added that it felt like his career is in reverse. He felt like his career is just starting.

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