reducing your risk

Bookie Tips to Reducing Risk

Learning how to become a legal bookie gets easier if you have a sportsbook pay per head service. With this kind of personalized bookie software, the small but time-consuming things like collecting bets, arranging payouts and payments are taken care of. This frees up more time for you to study how to improve your sportsbook. One way of doing this is using some tips to reducing risk.

Every business has risks, and sportsbooks are no different. And just like any businessman, there are things that you can do to minimize the risks you see in your sportsbook. Let’s take a look at the most popular strategies used by bookies in risk management.

Tips to Reducing Risk

reducing your riskThe first strategy is pretty much the goal of any sportsbook: to make sure you give the best odds. By giving lucrative lines, you are attracting more people to place bets. And if your odds stay good, then they will stay on in your sportsbook as well. This is the easiest way in reducing your risk.

Now that you have taken care of your lines, is good money management. This means keeping track of your players’ habits. You will want your players to stay with you long-term, and if you notice any tendencies for extreme betting, especially when on a losing streak, you should help them address this by letting them take a break from betting (you can offer a bonus upon return), or lower their limits. This is also good player management, and they will appreciate you for it, even if they don’t see it now.

As a bookie, however, you will sometimes face games where the lines are not balanced. And if you want to minimize your loss, there is always the option of hedging. This is betting on alternative outcomes. This will give you some profit, and would be better than a complete loss. Of course, do not try this unless you know more about hedging and alternative markets.

Alternative markets are just shifting to a different sport. So if you are used to taking in baseball wagers, but seem to always lose, then try out basketball or football, and see if you can earn more there. Of course, this will vary, since you want to offer something your players want as well. It could also be something as simple as shifting your focus from totals, to ATS and SU lines in terms of getting good odds.