Viewers of the Man City vs Norwich game were disappointed with Sky Sports for interrupting the live broadcast with ad breaks during the first half. It was frustrating for fans because they missed vital moments of the game due to ads.

The Man City vs Norwich game is one of the best matches this season. The worst part is that most fans are paying £40 each month for Sky Sports. In return, an ad interrupts the middle of an action-packed game.

A successful bookie said that viewers still able to watch most of the action in the first half. The ads didn’t show when Kenny McClean gave Norwich the lead and Todd Cantwell scored another goal. With the 2-0 score, ads began to show to the dismay of fans from both sides.

Man City vs Norwich Game

Bookie and Fans Mad at Sky Sports for Ads in First Half of Man City vs Norwich MatchSergio Aguero gave Man City fans hope by scoring a goal a couple of seconds before the end of the first half. However, Temmu Pukki gave Norwich a two-goal lead right after the resumption of play. Rodrigo managed to score another goal for Man City but it was already too late.

Commentators apologized to viewers. It seemed like the ads played only on the Main Event channel and not on the Premier League channel. However, fans were displeased at Sky Sports for the blunder.

It was the first defeat for Man City. As a result, the champions are five points behind the leader Liverpool in the Premier League standing. In fact, it was a big blow to Man City and its fans.

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