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As a sports betting software provider, we get a lot of inquiries from beginners. The most basic question asked is “I want to be a bookie, how much money do I need”. The answer, of course, will depend on how big you want your sportsbook to be.

The basic fee for gambling products specific to sports betting is usually a flat rate. You are charged per active player per week. So the amount you will need to pay will depend on how many players you have. Another factor would be your bankroll. Just like any business venture, you will need to spend. But the amount you will need to shell out will not be astronomically high. Features is, of course, one of the most affordable in the market with $5 per player per active week. We are also good proof that quality does come with a high price tag. Our services are highly competitive, and are even more extensive than other pay per head providers that charge more than twice our fee.

What makes us one of the industry’s best? Aside from our top-of-the-line software and secure servers, we offer a wide variety of services that our bookies can offer to their players. Aside from sports betting, we also offer a digital casino, live casino, and horse racing.


And if you take a closer look at our software, you will find that you can do everything from just the agent dashboard. Manage your lines, or use our pre game lines, add players, manage your players and more. With our easy to use software, you can easily find what you need to adjust your sportsbook according to your needs and preferences.

You’ll also easily build a good reputation with our security measures, as well as the player site. Offer them a professional service with personalized sites, as well as access to our phone and online support services in case they will have any questions.

But all of this can be easily proven by joining us and by seeing exactly what you will be using to run your sportsbook. With our free trial, you won’t need to place a deposit until after two weeks. But based on our experience, most bookies do continue using our software after their free trial expires.

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