The History of Online Sports Betting and its Growth

The History of Online Sports Betting and its Growth

The History of Online Sports Betting and its GrowthThe internet is a powerful force in today’s world and is responsible for the rise and fall of several industries. Furthermore, sports betting is not an exception as online sports betting is responsible for the fast growth of sports wagering. In this article we will go over the History of Online Sports Betting and its impact on the gambling industry.

In the mid 1990’s, Casino websites were the first type of gambling companies to offer their services on the internet. Most gambling sources tend to disagree as to which online casino came first.  Nevertheless, they all agree that the first fully functional gambling software was made by MicroGaming.

However, sports betting websites were not far behind them because in 1996, Intertops became the first online sportsbook. In addition, Intertops also gets credit for being the first to introduce mobile betting in 2000.

Since then, the online sports gambling industry has grown at an incredible pace.  In fact, some of its growth is because of the sportsbook pay per head industry.  This is because they have made it possible for bookies to open an online sportsbook at an affordable price. Thus, helping the number of online sports betting website to increase at a faster rate.

Online Sports Betting Growth and Development

Today, online sports betting is one of the fasted growing industry in the world.  In addition, they have made enormous strides in developing the online gambling industry. This is because they have made many innovations and different types of ways to bet on sports.

Some of the innovations of course includes mobile gambling but more specifically the growing number of gambling apps.

More recently they have made Live In-game betting one of the most popular ways to bet on sports.  This is because bettors are now able to bet on prop bets as a sporting event is in play. Today, most sportsbook have some kind of Live Betting platform as part of their offerings for their customers.

In addition, online sports betting is often seen as one of the reasons for the success of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. This is because the sports betting industry prides itself on protecting the privacy of its clients.  Thus, they are big proponents of using cryptocurrencies as a banking method.

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