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Sports Betting Conundrum in Rhode Island

Rhode Island has been ready for sports betting. In fact, the state’s operators have already been taking in wagers even before the NFL season started. However, A Rhode Island judge made a ruling on Wednesday that he will need to time to consider a challenge that was made against the state lottery. Allegedly, sports betting cannot legally begin in the state without a referendum from voters.

Officials from the state lottery were hopeful that the complaint would be dismissed. It would have been the last legal issue the state would have. Especially since they most recently started to take in action.

Rhode Island Sports Betting

rhode island sports bettingAssociate Justice Brian Stern is arranging another hearing scheduled on September 11, which will be the day he will announce his decision on the matter. This will be a very tight timeline, seeing as the 2019 NFL season kicks off Thursday. The NFL usually takes in 30% of the total handle for sportsbooks. Which is why a lot of people have gotten sports betting software services to help them with their sportsbooks.

The first ever wager taken by the state was Wednesday. It was an online wager just before the game between the Packers and the Bears. However, the decision to postpone the decision means that online and in-person betting may still be stopped. If the judge decided in favor of the plaintiffs, this could mean a stop on sports betting in the state.

And if this happens, it would take months on hearings and legal proceedings to resolve this issue. And if the voting is needed, the referendum will not be until November 2020. We’re looking at a possible year-long delay. In addition, current operations on sports betting will have to stop, and resources will be put on hold. Those who are after a wider market though, could do well to choose best sports betting software options to run a sportsbook online.