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Bookie News in DC: Will Sports Betting Begin Before NFL Season

If you are wondering “how much money do I need to be a bookie”, the answer is something you’ll like. It does not cost a lot, and it is much easier to put up than you think. In fact, you might be able to get your own sportsbook up and running even before DC. In the latest bookie news in DC, its Lottery Commission is getting themselves ready for the NFL Launch.

The NFL preseason is up and running, but sportsbooks in DC are not ready yet. Apparently, state regulators are still figuring out how to regulate and who to regulate in terms of the sports betting market.

Bookie News in DC

sports betting in DCWhile trying to fix their issues, it may delay the launch of sports betting in the state by a few weeks, at the least. The committee, however, assures that they are doing this to address all concerns raised. With quite a few mishaps in their rush to legalize sports betting in DC, there’s a bit of a tangle that the committee has to fix first.

It could take up to September before people could start placing bets in DC. Licenses for sportsbooks are not granted yet, and the application process requires a review. The provisional license will be released 30-45 days after approval. These provisional licenses will be issued to sportsbooks who tie up with established gaming companies. As for permanent licenses, it could take from three to six months to see one.

Sports Betting legislation was actually passed late in 2018. It’s been 8 months, and we’ve yet to see anything yet. And this is taking potential revenue from them. Especially when the NFL season is going to start. The NFL is one of the most profitable sports leagues in the US, so being able to open the market by this time is crucial. If you are wanting a sportsbook up before the NFL Launch on September 5 with a game between the Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Packers, check out this bookie software solution.