sports betting in New York

Bookie Betting Market in New York

So far, we are still not seeing a sports betting market in New York. If becoming a bookie is your thing, then you should consider providers that can help you capture a betting market that is not limited by location only.

For instance, the PricePerPlayer betting platform has a wide reach of international coverage, as well as multilingual support. This means you can expand your operations, as well as increase your profit margin when you create a bookie website with them.

Betting Market in New York

sports betting in New YorkNew York is currently studying the possible local gambling market to see if it will be worth it to go through the trouble of regulating a sports betting market. The New York State Gaming Commission wants answers. And they are looking for a research firm to make a gaming study.

The confusing laws and proposed laws on sports betting is going to cost a lot of time and resources to comb through. So knowing how much it will be worth is crucial to take the steps to legalize the market.

Efforts have been already made to fast-track sports betting in the state through local upstate casinos. However, the Governor has already stated that he will veto these bills. All this is unfortunately, costing New York. New Jersey, meanwhile, is benefiting from a market of bettors who are traveling from New York to place their wagers.

Instead of benefiting from the taxes from the wagering action, all this goes to the state of New Jersey. However, you also have voter approval on sports betting, if allowed by federal law. The limit to this, is that this only applies to the 4 casinos upstate. Either way, people will travel to bet, especially if they are unfamiliar with online sports betting.