Indiana Lawmakers want Sports Betting Available by September FirstEarlier this month Indiana took several steps for regulating sports betting within its borders.  This is because Indiana Lawmakers want Sports Betting Available by September First.  There is of course a perfectly good reason why Indiana lawmakers are working overtime to achieve this goal.

Yes, it’s all about the money.  Therefore, since the football season is the biggest money making season for sportsbooks, they want in on the action. However, they will have to face many challenges in order to meet their deadline.

Sports betting became legal in Indiana after Governor Eric Holcomb signed the Sports Betting on May 8, 2019. Since then, 12 licenses have been giving for future sports betting venues making sports betting software providers very happy. However, at the moment these license holders are only able to test their sports betting offers.  These provisional license holders will then receive an evaluation in August and could potentially become permanent.

Challenges facing Indiana Sportsbooks and Sports Betting Regulators

Sports betting news websites and analysts do not believe Indiana will be able to reach this goal.  This is because Indiana Sportsbooks and Sports Betting Regulators will have many challenges to overcome. The first is because sports betting regulators are still at the public comment phase which will end on August 1.

Thus, this would leave Indiana sports wagering regulators only one month to ensure that sportsbooks are ready to take bets. However, according to the law, September 1 is the start date when sportsbooks can legally take sports bets. Therefore, it will be a touch and go situation for everyone to be ready on that exact date. However, sportsbook outsourcing experts believe that using a Sportsbook pay per head service could solve that problem.

Realistically, sports betting will probably be available in Indiana in mid to late September. In terms of online sports gambling, retail locations with the proper license are able to offer it to their customers. However, Indiana Gaming Commission still needs to agree on finer details before they start issuing online sports betting permits.

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