Sportsbook Outsourcing Solution

Sportsbook Outsourcing Solution

Sportsbook Outsourcing SolutionBeing a bookie can be a profitable and rewarding career choice that is becoming more popular every year.  However, it is also a difficult endeavor because of the expensive operating costs and because it is time consuming. This is why many bookmakers are using a Sportsbook Outsourcing Solution to manage their sports betting operation.

The reason why many companies choose to use the Sportsbook Outsourcing Solution is because they only pay for the end result.  This is because sportsbook outsourcing companies like already have the sportsbook software, infrastructure and professional staff. Thus, they can start their gambling operation right away and do not need a lot of money to begin.

In addition, only charges $5 per player for their sportsbook outsourcing services.  The price is set in stone and will never increase because you only have a few players. The best part is that with their Sportsbook Pay Per Head services, you no longer need to worry about managing your sportsbook. They take care of everything from serving your player’s daily needs to risk and odds management.

Outsourcing Solution for New and Existing Sportsbooks

Outsourcing your sportsbook with is ideal for new sportsbooks and existing sportsbooks.  This is because running a sportsbook costs thousands of dollars every month.  On the other hand, our services will drastically reduce your operational costs.

In addition, we are always updating, improving and adding new gambling options to our services.  Thus, your sportsbook will always have an edge over your competition.  We have a 24/7 IT and customer service staff that is trained and experience.  Furthermore, our sportsbook software is available in languages such as Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese and several other languages.

Bookie Pay Per Head Service Sportsbook PPH Solutions

  • Sportsbook Software which easily process bets over the internet or via our toll-free call center
  • Live Betting on all Major Sporting events
  • Mobile betting
  • Online Casino Software with hundreds of slot machines, table games and more
  • Liver Dealer Casino with beautiful dealers
  • Racebook with odds from all major tracks around the world

The Right Tools for the Job

Furthermore, we not only give you the sportsbook infrastructure, we also give you the right tools for the job.  This means that you get:

  • A comprehensive and easy to use player management system
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly Player figures and statistics
  • Intuitive and reliable reports
  • Sportsbook and odds management system
  • And much more!

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