Maine sports betting

Soon in Maine: Sportsbook and Sports Betting

One look at sports news and you can see just how many sports events you can wager on in a daily basis. This is why learning how to create a sportsbook is getting increasingly popular. It’s also why states in the US are taking steps to regulate the sports betting market. And soon in Maine is one step away from a legalized sports betting market.

Earlier this week, a sports betting bill was approved by legislators in Maine. It will now be sent to the office of Governor Janet Mills, and is up for her approval. If the governor approves the bill, it will make Maine the latest state to allow sports betting in their state.

Soon in Maine: Sportsbook

sports betting in maineExperts are touting Maine’s bill as one of the most comprehensive and encompassing legislation in the US. For instance, Maine’s bill includes mobile and online betting. A lot of per head sportsbook sites have been making a lot of money from online betting action, and states are realizing the potential of mobile wagering. New Jersey’s $3 billion action shows us that 80% of that amount were online wagers.

Maine’s bill is also the first to have existing land-based gaming companies to approve unrestricted third-party access. This means, any online operator won’t have to partner with a land-based operator. This also means that people will not have to register in a casino or sportsbook in person in order to place bets.

The taxes for land-based casinos are at 10%, while online and mobile platforms will have a 16% tax. The licensing fee is also at $20,000. The only restrictions are wagering on collegiate sports betting that involves universities located in Maine. Legalizing sports betting in the state could be a golden opportunity for Maine to capitalize on being one of the first states with a good sports betting framework in the New England area.