Seahawks Sue Draft Bust Malik McDowell

Seahawks Sue Draft Bust Malik McDowell

Last updated on June 10th, 2019 at 07:20 am

The Seattle Seahawks’ problem with draft bust Malik McDowell is still ongoing. In fact, the team is suing its former defensive end for almost $800,000. They want McDowell to pay the amount or prove he can’t afford it.

An arbitrator already ordered McDowell to give back his signing bonus. However, the player hasn’t repaid it since the arbitration. The Seahawks filed the lawsuit in the US District Court nearest the home address of draft bust Malik McDowell, according to sports news reports.

What the Seahawks did was rare in the NFL. However, it began when the team chose McDowell as the 35th pick in the 2017 NFL draft. He was supposed to be a top ten pick in the draft, but he performed inconsistently during his junior year at Michigan State. That’s why he was still available late in the second round.

Draft Bust Malik McDowell

Seahawks Sue Draft Bust Malik McDowellMcDowell didn’t play a single game for the Seahawks after suffering injuries in an ATV accident before training camp. In fact, the team released him in March. As part of his $6.95 million contract, he was supposed to get $3.19 million signing bonus.

The Seahawks paid three of four installments of the bonus. After his injury, the team withheld paying the last installment. After the arbitration, the team agreed to forfeit half of the signing bonus. As a result, they want McDowell to return $799,238. According to the lawsuit, the player didn’t try to return the money.

The lawsuit revealed some previously unknown information. First, McDowell had a basic rookie salary, which was $465,000. However, the team reduced it to $5,000 a week while he was on the injury list.

Also, the Seahawks want McDowell to pay the interest of the amount he owes the team. In fact, the team wants to use the interest in legal fees.

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