FanDuel and fuboTV Deal – Bringing Sports Betting Data to Online Streaming

FanDuel and fuboTV Deal – Bringing Sports Betting Data to Online Streaming

FanDuel announced its partnership with fuboTV, a live sports-streaming service. The FanDuel and fuboTV deal is a first-of-its-kind in the gambling industry because it will use the former’s data into the latter’s online platform.

The partnership comes with a carriage and media buy agreement that will bring FanDuel’s horse-racing networks to fuboTV. Although the deal is only good in New Jersey, fuboTV said that it will use sports betting data on its platform in other states where sports wagering is legal.

The FanDuel and fuboTV deal makes the former the exclusive online casino, daily fantasy sports, horse racing, and sportsbook partner of the latter. As a result, fuboTV can’t sign any deals with FanDuel’s competitors. In addition, FanDuel will have exclusivity in advertising on the platform.

FanDuel and fuboTV Deal

FanDuel and fuboTV Deal – Bringing Sports Betting Data to Online StreamingThe deal is the first time a sports betting firm formed a partnership with an online streaming service. However, it does make sense because their market base overlaps with each other. FanDuel’s TVG network will be part of fuboTV’s base package. In addition, TVG2 will be part of the Sports Plus add-on package.

TVG and TVG2 cover the horse racing industry. Also, it has programming on fantasy news and sports betting. Both channels will be available on the online streaming platform in the coming weeks.

FanDuel will integrate its sports betting data into the online platform. It will first roll out in New Jersey. The company has plans to release it on other states where sports betting is legal. As a result of the deal, betting data will be part of fubo Cycling and fubo Network channels.

The integration of the betting data seemed limited considering fuboTV has 95 sports channels in its base package. In fact, the betting data will be limited to soccer, horse racing, and cycling because these are the sports covered by the two channels.

This deal is good news for people who want to know how to be a bookie, especially if they have a fuboTV subscription in New Jersey. You gain access to betting data straight from FanDuel that you can use to create your lines.