Sports Betting in Montana is Now Legal

Montana is featured again in gambling news, but with good reason: sports betting in Montana is now legal. Montana now joins 8 other US states in opening up markets in the sports betting software industry. The best gambling software providers offer personalized services that can cater to the US sports industry, such as the NBA, NFL, MLB, and more.

In Montana, Governor Steve Bullock has signed a measure that allows for sports betting in the state, which is the first in this year. The bill will come into effect this coming Friday. But regulators will still need to work on some key points before they can roll out the policy.

Sports Betting in Montana

According to officials, we can see sports betting action in September, just in time for the NFL season. Bullock’s approval of the sports betting legislation was actually just one out of the two bills sent to his office. HB 725 is the bill that the governor signed. This allows licenses to put sports betting kiosks. The state lottery will oversee this. In addition, lottery shops and purveyors, such as convenience stores, can take wagers placed by residents.

Meanwhile, the other bill that did not pass, was SB 330. This bill would have assigned oversight to the Department of Justice. Not only that, but only facilities with alcohol licenses would be allowed to offer sports betting after applying for a license.

There’s another lesser-known bill that proposes to limit sports betting to horse tracks only, but this did not even reach the governor’s office. But both bills that did reach the governor’s office was able to get support from both parties successfully.

This will be the first bill across the country that will allow sports betting kiosks. They will be found in bars, restaurants, and convenience stores. This bill makes it unique compared to other states’. As majority of the sports betting laws in the US allow for online sports betting, as well as gambling facilities like casinos and horse tracks.