Pennsylvania’s Online Betting Service to Open in July

If you want to become a bookie, a pph service will be your best option. This is because using sports betting software is now affordable. And because there is a growing market of bettors who prefer to place their wagers online. The convenience of placing bets from your phone has changed the landscape of sports betting. From going to a bookie, to going to a casino, now one can just visit a website and place their bets. An online betting service makes the whole industry more convenient for everyone.

With a large handle on online wagers, it seems logical to allow online and mobile sports betting. It is, after all, something that governments can tax, and earn revenue from. While some countries and some states in the US have had this for a while now, some are slowly adapting to the industry.

Online Betting Service Going Live Soon

As for Pennsylvania, US, the online casino and poker industry can operate in the state starting July 15, if all goes well. The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, or the PGCB, has announced that the licensees in the state can launch this July.

The legislation that paved the way for this was signed into law back in October 2017. Currently, there are 10 license holders, plus 3 operators who can activate their online gambling services on July 15. Pennsylvania will be the 4th US state to allow mobile wagering. The other three states are New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware. West Virginia will be following suit on June 2020.

Sports betting online and mobile betting will also happen in the state, and will launch in the next few weeks as well. Of course, the earlier, the better. Especially since there are quite a few exciting sporting events that will happen in the next few months, such as the NBA postseason, the US PGA Tour, and the FA Cup, among others.