Sportsbook Basketball: NCAA Final Four Predictions

This season of college basketball ends in three games. Saturday’s games will decide which teams will advance to the final game on Sunday. Your pph sportsbook will be taking in a lot of action. And from what we see in gambling news, and wagers made, this weekend will be different from previous basketball seasons.

The Final Four is a bit different than other seasons. Maybe because Duke is out, or maybe because we may see a first-time champion in this season. Either way, let’s look at the two games that will lead to the finals.

NCAA Final Four Predictions

Seed 1 Virginia will be playing against Seed 5 Auburn. In their most recent games, both teams won through overtime. The game will be exciting to watch, mainly to see what pace the game will follow. Teams playing against Virginia only have 52.1 field goals per game. Auburn’s is at 61.1. One thing to keep an eye out for is Auburns three-point shooting, which they are good at. They have an average that is no less than 11 3- pointers made each game. In the whole league, this places them at the third highest spot.

Meanwhile, Virginia is fourth though, and they will do their best to gain possession of the ball as much as they can late in the game, and try to get some shots in as fast as they can. Virginia is -5.5 for this game.

The second game will be between Seed 2 Michigan State and seed 3 Texas Tech. Both teams have beat out the number 1 seeds in their division, so that says something. Michigan State barely beat Duke in a 1 point lead during the Elite Eight, and they forced 17 turnovers. Texas Tech is also one of the teams, together with Michigan state, to have the best defense in the league. These two teams are both in the top three in terms of defensive field goal percentage. The key here, will be how both team’s offensive players can break through the defense. Texas Tech is +3.5 for this game.