Will We See A Bookie Presence in Texas Soon?

Will you ever see a bookie pph in Texas? A lot of states in the US have been pushing for legislation on sports betting, and Texas is one of them. However, there is resistance in the Texas legislature.  Representative Eduardo Lucio has introduced two bills on sports betting back in February 27. These bills aim to bring sports betting into the state by 2020.

Future of Bookies in Texas

However, these bills will have to go through discussion on a heavily Republican congress. This is a problem since gambling is something republicans tend to say no to. The bills that are currently in the Texas House, are Texas House Joint Resolution 61 and Texas House Bill 1275. Texas House Bill 1275 aims to have sports betting running, with regulations that will cover how companies will comply to.

The Joint Resolution 61, meanwhile, proposes a constitutional amendment that will allow the legislature to legalize sports betting. This, in turn, will lead the way for sportsbooks to operate in Texas. This could potentially bring in a lot of revenues, especially for those who want to know how to become a bookie.

Sports Betting for Texans

However, this seems to be a problem, since other Texas lawmakers are trying to get rid of gambling totally in the state. Some representatives are even asking the tribal casinos to end gambling.

While there is no sports betting in Texas, neighboring states Oklahoma and Louisiana could potentially capture the market of Texans who want to bet on sports. Even the Dallas Cowboys are trying to take advantage of it, where they have a partnership with a casino in Oklahoma. Incidentally, it was also the first agreement of its kind in the history of the NFL.