No Sports Betting for Maryland in 2019

A bill that aims to legalize sports betting in the state of Maryland will be left ignored. For now, at least, by the local senate. Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller has announced that the genera assembly will not be reviewing any bill related to legalizing sports betting. And since this will not be on the table for the legislative season, it means no gambling for the year. In fact, locals to Maryland will not be able to bet on sports until at least 2 years, minimum.

It is not for lack of support. Senate President Miller, House Speaker Michael Busch, and Governor Larry Logan have all been pushing for the legalization of sports betting. They have been doing this since 2018, and they hope to allow sports gambling soon. This is, of course, so that the state can be competitive with other states are allowing sports betting.

The Future of Sports Betting For Maryland

To delve deeper into why this bill will not be under discussion despite support from political leaders, we look to the technicalities. The Senate Committee on Budget and Taxation has touched on this. And Senator Chris West has explained that the bill needs constitutional amendment. And that there are no additional amendments to be done this year. The Attorney General for Maryland has an explanation, as well.

Since sports betting can happen through constitutional amendment, it will be put to a vote. The citizens of Maryland will vote on the future of the sports betting industry. The delay, is because there are no elections scheduled this year.

This is a blow to Maryland and its coffers, as the potential to earn from revenue taxes and licenses are a main consideration to the industry. It also allows for the local economy to improve, due to investments, infrastructure, and employment. Especially so, since they are neighbors to states who are already allowing, if not debating, sports betting in their own states.

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