March Madness Betting – Where to Put Your Money

March Madness Betting – Where to Put Your Money

Last updated on September 20th, 2021 at 06:28 am

With days to go until the much-anticipated March Madness basketball tournaments begin, every basketball fan across America and beyond has a favorite team in mind. Fans that also double up as bettors are looking for more than just the action – there is a lot of money to be made in placing the right bet.

With the stakes so tight, however, placing the right bet is tricky, to say the least. This article will lay down the latest stats and sentiments from the pros to remove most of the doubts and confusion from your mind.

Who are The Favorites?

March Madness Betting – Where to Put Your MoneyMost (if not all) of popular betting sportsbooks are rallying behind the Duke Blue Devils to take the trophy home.

The team will be featuring in its 114th season, so it has plenty of experience under its belt. Over time it has won 5 championships (1991, 1992, 2001, 2010, and 2015), made it to the final four 16 times, and featured in the NCAA tournament for 42 years since it first started playing in 1905. The team is also currently strong with several notable players who have proved themselves in the recent past, hence the optimism among most sportsbooks.

However, there are several skeptics who believe that the Duke Blue Devils stand lesser of a chance of winning. The Dukes have fallen to several teams that are unranked and frankly barely notable. Considering how heated the upcoming tournament is expected to get, no one can refute that the Dukes will not fall prey to more formidable opponents yet again.

The Next Best Thing

For those skeptical about the Duke Blue Devils, the Tar Heels from North Carolina are the next best thing, and many sportsbooks seem to agree.

The UNC inspire confidence for several reasons. First, they were the shining stars for the past season as they dominated and won the whole show. They still have the fire that pushed them through the season and have already demonstrated it several times this year. They have some of the most coveted players in the tournament, and those players are expected to shine.

Second, UNC has performed much better than the Duke Blue Devils prior to this tournament. Granted: the UNC has also suffered some humiliating defeats. However, all of its defeats have been to ranked opponents, unlike the case with the Dukes. From a cautious bettor’s perspective, one stands better chances of making money by betting on North Carolina as compared to the Duke Blue Devils.

Popular Betting Odds

Sportsbooks have already drawn their lines and picket out their favorites. The odds are not consistent, but they certainly have a definite range.

There will be 68 teams facing off against each other. There will also be hundreds of betting sites offering odds for each team. However, this article will focus on only the top, most popular 15 teams. The odds come from three of the most popular, trustworthy betting sites: DraftKings, BetStars, and FanDuel.

Team DraftKings Odds BetStars Odds FanDuel Odds
Dukes +225 +225 +230
Virginia +700 +1300 +1000
Gonzaga +700 +850 +700
Kentucky +900 +1400 +1200
Tennessee +1200 +1600 +1100
Michigan +1200 +1200 +1500
Michigan State +1400 +1800 +1500
North Carolina +1400 +1700 +1500
Kansas +2200 +2700 +3700
Nevada +2500 +1600 +3600
Villanova +4000 +3300 +4900
Purdue +4000 +8000 +3000
Virginia Tech +6000 +5000 +3600
Wisconsin +7000 +8000 +3600
Auburn +7000 +2500 +3600

These odds will continue to change over the coming days as the different teams battle it out to improve their ranking before the tournament begins. Nevertheless, only one team can take the trophy home, and it does not have to be the Duke Blue Devils or North Carolina. However, the pros have their sights set on these two teams, and they are worth giving a try.


The 2019 NCAA College Football will be explosive as some of the biggest teams battle it out. Not only will bettors have fun watching March Madness live, there are also plenty of chances to profit from their favorite teams – and good judgment. These odds and insights should help you narrow down your options and maximize your chances of winning.

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