More States to Legalize Sports Betting in US

Each week we feature more gambling news updates on the legalization of sports betting in the US. It does not come as a surprise though. Since the PASPA repeal last year, states are regulating the sports betting industry. One of the latest states to consider legalizing sports betting is Maine. Currently, there are several bills on hand for their legislature to review and pass.

And with the growing popularity of this in the US, the global market for sports betting only increases as the months pass by. Using a good bookie software can get you in the industry.

Sports Betting in Maine

Most of the laws surrounding sports betting focuses on the types of wagers that will be legal. The laws also contain the regulatory agency that will implement the guidelines, sanctions, and process the licensing and reporting of operators. License fees, taxes on the handle, and the beneficiaries of these fees are also mentioned. So far, there are no concrete details since the bills are still being drafted.

One of the bills, for instance, is from Portland Representative Benjamin Collins, that will benefit the native tribes of Maine. Senate President Troy Jackson also has a couple of bills that mentions both online and mobile betting.

The legalization of the industry in the US is a topic that legislators are carefully considering, since they also want to mitigate problems for those who may get hooked into gambling. In some states, some of the taxes to be collected on the revenues will be used to cover this cause.

In the case of Maine, daily fantasy sports has been legalized as early as 2017. But nothing else has been addressed in terms of sports betting until recently. If states do not consider doing this, they can lose potential income to nearby states, where players will travel to be able to play.