Washington, D.C.: No Sports Betting Yet

It has been a topic on recent gambling news sites that Washington D.C. was getting ready to discuss the legalization of sports betting in the city. But in the latest development of the topic, the city council is postponing the decision on any sport gambling law. They are doing this to allow themselves more time to study the industry, and to give their community more time to think and provide their feedback on the topic.

Sports Betting Proposals

It is not that the state is against gambling, per se. It is more of the concern over the draft that allows the council to choose one entity to manage sports betting. The common practice is to allow companies to bid for the rights of the contract. The bidding process ensures that any deals they will do, will be fair, and legal.

Council members acknowledge that there will be a delay and that it could take a few months to settle the issue. But that this will be a better way to handle things. Especially as opposed to making the gambling bill an emergency bill that will not need a public hearing.

Technically, sports betting is already legal in D.C., as of December 2018. It is the 9th jurisdiction that allows sports betting in the US. And since Maryland and Virginia have yet to legalize sports betting, D.C. will have a great opportunity to reach a wider bettor’s market.

Despite the bad pun that politics is a gamble, there are no casinos in Washington, D.C..They currently offer a lottery, that is being run by Intralot, with the D.C. Lottery overseeing the operation. Intralot is the entity in mention in the emergency measure proposal to handle sports betting in the area.

The emergency measure has been withdrawn, and there will be a bill that the council will introduce in the near future. This bill will seek for public bidding – as it is done everywhere else.