l Sports Betting in Virginia could soon be a Reality

Legal Sports Betting in Virginia could soon be a Reality

l Sports Betting in Virginia could soon be a RealityEver since the Supreme Court chose to overturn PASPA, sport betting in the United States has been spreading like wildfire. The latest news in the gambling industry is that Legal Sports Betting in Virginia could soon be a Reality.  This is because three separate sports betting bills have been sent for approval by two different lawmakers.

In addition, State Senator Chap Petersen believes that the odds are good that they will pass. Furthermore, Virginia Democrats Mark Sickles and Marcus Simon are also part of the driving force behind legalizing sports betting.

However, Petersen believes that some details need to be taken care of before sport gambling in Virginia becomes legal.  In addition, one aspect of the sports betting bill in Virginia is different than the rest of the states with legal gambling.  This is because all of the bills would limit if not make it illegal to bet on college sports.

A Tough Road for Sports Betting in Virginia

Virginia is one of the few states without legal casinos gambling which places them behind in terms of gambling infrastructure. However, lawmakers gambling news sites believe that now is the right time to push legal sports betting in Virginia.

Each bill has different idea on how the regulation of sports betting can become a reality.  One bill believes the state lottery should be in charge while another believes a different entity should be in charge. Thus, these complications will make it unlikely that sports betting will be legal in 2019.

However, sports betting software companies believe it could get approval for more study when the legislative session starts in January. This is because many of its neighboring states have either made sports betting legal or in the process of doing so.  Thus, this is taking money away from the state’s coffers as Virginians and tourists go elsewhere to gamble on sports.
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