Israel Blocks Offshore Online Gambling Websites

Israel Blocks Offshore Online Gambling Websites

Last updated on December 8th, 2018 at 04:55 pm

Israel Blocks Offshore Online Gambling WebsitesOn Monday, Tel Aviv District Court Judge, Zion Kapah made an injunction to block domain names for certain gambling websites. Thus, Israel Blocks Offshore Online Gambling Websites because of an order from the state prosecutor’s office. In addition, the block was also requested by the Israeli Police’s Unit for Combating Economic Crime in Lahav 433.

This is part of Israel’s anti-online gambling campaign.  However, the online gambling laws in Israel are not very clear about the legality of offshore online gambling websites.  This is because the law does not specifically refer to online gambling as illegal.

This is why Judge Kapah was able to issue an injunction to local ISPs.  Thus, it led to the state blocking the domain name of three online gambling websites.  Thus, Israel residents  have been receiving a message stating that these websites are illegal under Israeli law.

At the moment, it is unknown as to why they specifically chose those websites.  However, Haim Wismonsky, the director of the Economic Crime Unit, said other gambling sites will be unavailable in the future.

Israel cracking down on Online Gambling

In the past few years, Israel has been cracking down on every facet of traditional gambling and online gambling. This includes the usage of cryptocurrencies to fund any type of gambling transaction.

This ban was part of a larger anti-gambling campaign heavily with support by Finance Minister, Moshe Kahlon.  Furthermore, Kahlon vowed to keep the casino gambling ban despite having to pay $57 million in compensation to GBI Racing.

According to Sportsbook Pay Per Head experts, Israel’s legal gambling options are very few for gambling services offered by the state monopoly.  This includes the national lottery, Mifal Hapayas and the Israel Sports Betting Board. In fact, there are no legal casinos in the country and any efforts to legalize them have met strong opposition.

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