Governor candidate Pritzker Believes Gambling Expansion could Fund RoadsIllinois has been looking to expand gambling for several years and 2019 may be the year it happens.  This is because several political figures are endorsing it and one of them is Democratic nominee for Governor, J.B. Pritzker. In his latest interview with the Daily Herald, Governor candidate Pritzker Believes Gambling Expansion could Fund Roads.

The method to pay for improved roads in Illinois has been at the center of attention for quite some time. The latest was back in January 2018 when Pritzer suggest the tax on miles driven proposal. However, this proposal has led to several political backlashes for Pritzer.

However, Pritzker is now trying to distance himself from the tax on miles driven to improve the infrastructure in Illinois. Thus, he is now pushing a gambling extension that would include sports betting to improved roads and bridges in Illinois.

The Gambling Expansion Proposal in Illinois

Illinois Republican Senate Leader Bill Brady first suggested using the state gambling expansion to fund road infrastructure. Pritzker, the Hyatt hotel chain heir believes that it is a proposal worth looking into.

This is because he believes that “we’ve got to have feasible programs today for paying for infrastructure.” In addition, Pritzker said that “the most important thing to me is we need a stable source of revenue”. Thus, the proposal by Senator Brady is worth exploring.

According to several Sports Betting Software providers, 2019 will see some major political shifts towards the gambling expansion bill. In fact, a hearing to discuss Illinois sports betting is set for October 17 in Springfield.

Senate Bill 7, sponsored by Illinois State Representative Robert Rita has been on hold since January of 2017.  This Bill contains legislation aimed at daily fantasy sports, iGaming and sports betting. However, with the Supreme Court decision earlier this year in regards sports betting, the Gambling expansion has become more popular.

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