NFL Week 2: Must-Watch Games

Last updated on November 30th, 2018 at 08:18 pm

It is NFL Week 2 and the wagering action seen by different pay per head providers is growing steadily. And this season, the predictability of who wins or loses, and by how much, has been harder. It could mostly be because its early on in the season. Plus teams are finding their footing with all the roster and staffing changes. But it could also be a fluke and these teams are making fans and sports bettors more excited than ever. In addition, the first few weeks of the NFL are a chance for teams to start over and build on their strengths to advance their teams in the rankings.

But the NFL also moves fast, with the sheer number of games and wagering options, you’ll be surprised you’re towards the end of the regular season pretty soon. So, if you are bankrolling your whole season, pay attention to what happens in the first few weeks. It may be wonky enough for you to win a great number of games, or it could guide to find pay per head reviews to know where to bet on throughout the season.

NFL Week 2 Matchups

Among the matches this week, there are two that are quite exciting to watch, so we’ll focus on these two. First, Aaron Rodgers will be going against the defense of the Vikings. Will the NFL’s best QB’s (whose rating is at 142.4 recently) knee survive the game of the Packers with the Vikings? He does throw consistently throughout his NFL career, and his passing skills are nothing short of amazing. After all, he was carted off the field, got treated, then went back and decimated the Bears. But the Vikings have inside pressure. Plus corners who can lock out just about any QB, what more an injured one. This will be one game to definitely not skip out betting and watching on.

Second, the Jaguars will go against the Patriots. The Jaguars have Campbell, who can just about pummel through every single person in the field and not break a sweat. The Patriots have amazing scouting resources. So they are probably prepared for Campbell. But you also have Tom Brady and the Jaguar’s defense line. If we look at last year’s games, these two teams pretty much even out in terms of strength and defense. But you have two fast guys in the field, so its anyone’s bet – quite literally, on who will take the win on this one.