2018 World Cup Marketing Guidelines

2018 World Cup Marketing Guidelines

2018 World Cup Marketing GuidelinesThe 2018 World Cup is less than three weeks away and bookies are eagerly waiting for the betting to start. The World Cup is the biggest football tournament in the world; however, they also have strict marketing guidelines.  Thus, the 2018 World Cup Marketing Guidelines will affect how online bookies can market the event.

In general, the guidelines are there to protect actual sponsors of the event and to give them an advertising edge.  This is because FIFA sponsors pay a ridiculously huge sum of money for the right to be directly associated with the event. In exchange, are free to use tournament and FIFA logos, official symbols, and distribute tickets to promote their products.

Thus, FIFA wants to ensure that sponsors are able to do more than companies that do not pay sponsorship fees. In the end, the 2018 World Cup Marketing Guidelines are basically saying that only sponsors can use official imagery and World Cup descriptions.

How can an Online Bookie Legally Market World Cup Betting?

Sure, most online bookies will not catch the attention of the FIFA, following the rules is always a good idea.  This is because you never know what will happen in the future.  Some of our clients that use our Sportsbook PPH Services have grown quite large and successful.  Breaking these rules today could affect future opportunities when your sportsbook becomes successful.

In addition, FIFA does welcome other companies to advertise the World Cup as a newsworthy event. They just doe not want them produce the illusion of advertisers’ involvement in sponsoring the tournament.

Main Highlights of the 2018 World Cup Marketing Regulations

  • It is not legal to use Official FIFA World Cup 2018 logos
  • Only sponsors can legally use images of the World Cup
  • It is also not legal for non-sponsors to use trademarked images of players, teams or stadium
  • Only sponsors can use the words ‘World Cup’, ‘FIFA World Cup’ or ‘Russia 2018’ or any permutation of those words.

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How to legally get around the 2018 World Cup Marketing Regulations

They are several ways to still promote your bookie service without breaking the 2018 World Cup Marketing Guidelines.  For example, instead using “World Cup” you can just say, “WC 2018” or World Soccer Championship”.

In addition, since you are not able to use the World Cup logo or symbols, simply  be more specific in your image. For example, if you want to advertise betting on the Russia vs. Saudi Arabia matchup, you can just have the flag of each country and a soccer ball.  Your players will easily understand that you are offering a promotion on a WC 2018 match.