Open a Racebook with a Bookie Pay Per Head

Open a Racebook with a Bookie Pay Per Head

Racebook with a Bookie Pay Per HeadThe 2018 Kentucky Derby is just around the corner where 20 horses will go head-to-head to win a $2 million purse. This year’s favorite is Justify with 3-1 odds to win it all followed closely by Mendelssohn at 5-1 odds. Online sportsbooks and bookies are expecting to receive over $200 million in wagers for this year’s Kentucky Derby.  Thus, this is a perfect time to finally Open a Racebook with a Bookie Pay Per Head solution.

The reason why is because you no longer need a lot of money to open a racebook.  In the past you needed a few hundred thousand to buy the racebook software and pay for its upkeep.  Today you only need to find the right Bookie Pay Per Head Solution like

This is because for only $5 per player you get a full horse racing betting software on top of a full sportsbook and casino. The racebook platform will give you and your bettors access to all major horse tracks around the world.

The Sportsbook Pay Per Head Racebook Platform

Racebook Software and PlatformIn order to run a successful racebook, you will need the right tools and the right number of horse racing tracks.  Furthermore, the more tracks you have the more horse racing bets your players will make leading to higher profits. This is why opening a racebook with is the solution because they have over 80 tracks to choose from.

In addition these are some of the features the racebook software offers:

  • Single-login horse racing platform
  • Horse Racing Account management
  • Information Management System
  • Manual event creation and resulting
  • Automated event creation and resulting offers several different types of Horse Racing Bets with their Racebook Platform such as:

  • Show
  • Place
  • Win
  • Exacta
  • Daily Double

The Perfect Cost for the Perfect Solution

Using a Bookie PPH Provider to open a Racebook is the smart way to go because it is cost effective. Instead of having a high start up cost and a high monthly maintenance cost, you only have to pay $5 per player.  This includes, the racebook software, the support staff for you and your players and a full sportsbook and online casino.

Opening a Racebook with only takes a few minutes with no deposit nor personal information necessary.  Once you have registered for a PPH account, you will immediately be able to access your racebook.

In just a matter of minutes you will be able create player accounts start taking horse racing bets right away.

Open Your Racebook Today with the Sportsbook PPH Solution!
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