Why Bookies are switching to a sportsbook Pay Per Head Service

Why Bookies are switching to a sportsbook Pay Per Head Service

Bookies are switching to a sportsbook Pay Per Head ServiceIn order to stay competitive in today’s sports betting industry, a bookie or agent has to embrace technology. The days of the old pen and paper bookie that works out of a bar or at home are gone.  This is because of the advances in sports betting software and the internet.  This is why Bookies are switching to a sportsbook Pay Per Head Service in drove.

Today’s sports bettors no longer want or need to call their bookie to place a bet.  Thanks to mobile betting applications they just need to login their account and it’s a done deal. In addition, a sports gambler no longer has to worry about meeting or calling his bookie to place his bet.  All he has to is get on the internet and is no longer limited by location.

The Sportsbook Pay Per Head Industry is booming at the moment and is a very competitive field for PPH operators. Due to its increased popularity, the cost has decreased from $50 per players to as low as $1 per player. This means that any bookie can make the switch from pen and paper to a Bookie PPH service.

The Advantages for Bookies to use a Sportsbook Pay Per Head Provider

Other than the obvious reasons, all bookies agree that using a Sportsbook Pay Per Head Provider is a blessing. This is because a bookie no longer has to worry about

Using Sportsbook PPH Service is a time saver for bookies because they no longer have to worry about taking bets.  Instead, an agent only has to worry about finding new players and managing the finances of his betting shop.

Before, a bookie had to always be at a bar or next to his phone in order to take wagers.  When a bookie uses a PPH service, his clients’ just login their betting account online and place their bets. This leaves the bookie more time to spend with his family or to enjoy his profit.  In addition, customer service is handled by the PPH Company leaving the bookie with more time to expand his business.

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A Sportsbook PPH, which is really just a big bookie data center also automatically handles are calculation for the bookie. All of the bets are graded by the sports betting software along with player balance calculations.  This means the bookie no longer needs to manually grade each game and calculate player balances.

Another advantage bookies enjoy from using a Sportsbook Pay Per Head Service is that they get more action. Their players tend to place more bets because a PPH Service offers more betting options.  In addition, players are no longer limited by time and location. For the Bookie, this means a higher handle that ultimately leads to higher profits.

In the end, it is a rare occurrence to find an old school bookie at a bar.  You will still find them but instead of taking your by hand, they will simply direct you to their PPH website.

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