Upswing seen in Asian Casino Resort Market for 2018

Upswing seen in Asian Casino Resort Market for 2018

The year 2018 could be the beginning of a trend in destination resorts for the Asian Casino Resort Market. The Chinese government’s crackdown on offshore capital flow has resulted in a slight decrease in casino gambling. This is especially true in the Asia Pacific, as the numbers of Chinese high rollers have decreased.

Asian Casino Resort Market for 2018Traditional casinos seem to lack an increase of visitors as well, which is why some casino developers have started changing their plans around. They are planning not just the basic casino and hotel combination but have increased entertainment amenities.

In South Korea, for instance, sports betting software providers have invested in multi-million dollar complexes. These complexes will house sporting arenas, concert halls, theme parks and massive shopping and dining districts.

This is, of course, in addition to a wide array of casino gambling amenities filled with beautiful casino live dealers.

Increase Focus on Entertainment

There is also a drive to focus on mass market casinos, increasing entertainment in casino gambling sites.  The goal is to make things as inviting as they can for tourists. The income from VIP casino tables is high but could be even higher if the same attention could be given to the common gamblers.  According to the latest gambling reports, the earning potentials could be immense.

To increase true mass market pulling power, the regional industry will also pay attention to casino gambling. They will also pay attention to other gambling categories that go beyond physical tables. Some companies are even looking at sports betting via sportsbook pay per head providers.

Investment on infrastructure and maintenance of an online casino is not as tedious as a physical casino. Combining the two together would be a good formula for an increase in profits.

More Tourists means higher Gambling Profits

The tourism industry is closely related to the high profit potential for South East Asian casinos. Improving the tourism industry will lead to a higher casino profit margins. The focus should be on an increasing influx of mass market gamblers from China.

In fact, Macau junket operators and agents have left for other regional markets such as South Korea. This is in hope of attracting more tourists to visit these entertainment casino complexes. They have not just into good tables, beautiful dealers and entertainment but also at physical sportsbook amenities like Las Vegas.

Casino gambling in the Asia Pacific region has been always been traditional. Traditional in the sense that if you put beautiful dealers in front of VIP Chinese high roller then you win. The challenge for casino operators is to look at the emerging markets and look at what they need – an online casino, improved and varied amenities for casino gambling for the mass market, and, of course, beautiful dealers wherever the gambler chooses to bet.