Football Betting Tutorial – Managing your Betting Bankroll

Football Betting Tutorial – Managing your Betting Bankroll

Now that the football season is getting close to the NFL PlayOffs and College football is in full Bowl swing, its time to do a bankroll check.  We thought we would give you a bankroll strategy reminder for the bettors that only bet when the football action gets exciting.  So take a look at your football handicapping money management strategies.

Managing Your Betting BankrollOne of the bigger points to consider in having a winning football season is that you have to be able to bet on football on a regular basis if you are going to use football picks from a professional football handicapper.  In order to come out ahead, you have to bet on all of the games they choose throughout the full NFL season.

When managing your bankroll, you have to assume that the football handicapper will deliver 4 football picks a week and that you will be betting for the entire NFL season which is a total of 17 weeks.  With that in mind, we are talking about having enough money to place 68 bets.

Betting Bankroll Example

If you have a bankroll of $5,000.00, then betting $208.00 a game will ensure that you can follow the football handicapper for the entire season even if his first 6 weeks are losers.  Of course, this is just theoretical as if the NFL handicapper you are following has this many straight losing weeks; it may be time to look for a new one.

This method is based on the old casino rule that you put your winning in your pockets and the rest is for play and is a conservative method of betting money management.

If you want to win more money, you can decide instead that your football handicapper will never have more then 3 straight losing weeks and calculate your betting bankroll accordingly.  This would mean that instead of just betting $44.00 a game with a $5,000.00 betting budget, you would be betting $125 a game.

In mathematical terms, this means that if your football handicapper has an average win ratio of 55% ATS, you would make a $1,416.00 profit at the end of the season.

According to most sportsbook pay per head reviews, it is imperative that when buying NFL football picks from a handicapper, you have to understand that to maximize your odds of coming out ahead is to play it cool.  This is a systematic process that can be ruined if your bet size is sporadic based on personal hunches.

Also, never try to recover a loss by increasing the size of your bets the next time.  That is the best way to lose you betting bankroll in just one weekend.

By following these simple money management tips, you will not only have fun betting on sports but will also come out with a nice chunk of change in winnings.

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