NFL Week 11 Recap viking recap

NFL Week 11 Recap

This NFL Week 11 gave us plenty of action, surprises and disappointments.  We got to see teams get further away from a playoff spot.  On the other hand, we saw a few teams setting themselves as strong NFL playoff contenders.

2017 NFL Week 11 Recap Saints Destroy redskinsWe know that this is all part of the game of football which is why the ups and downs and turnarounds are what make this sport so exciting.  However, sometimes we are left with our mouth wide open as we watch a game unfold into a totally unexpected outcome.

We had two games that ended up going in overtime while we snoozed through the afternoon games. So let’s have a quick recap of the biggest winners and losers of last Sunday’s matchups.

NFL Week 11 Biggest Winners

Vikings Taking Down the Rams

Fans of the Los Angeles Rams felt confident that this game was in the bag. In their last three games, the Rams averaged 39 points per game against teams that could easily defeat the Vikings. The Rams started the game with an easy touchdown but it did not last.

The Vikings prove that having a great defense is all they need to put a stop to the Rams’ offensive power.  The Vikings came back strong keeping the Rams from scoring again.  The final score ended up being 24-7 for the Vikings.

Los Angeles Chargers show No Mercy on the Field

Anyone who watched this match-up knows that this was one of the worst performance by the Buffalo Bills.  In fact, the Bills were trying to break their two games losing streak but instead ended up losing by a blowout.

The Chargers took full advantage of it by showing no mercy.  No every team is able to take advantage of anther team’s mishaps like the Chargers did.  Not only did they bludgeoned the Bills’ defense, they did it by racking up 429 yards of offense!

Many people that were looking to be bookie and were certainly surprised by this game and will remember it for weeks to come.

NFL Week 11 – Biggest Disappointments

Dallas Cowboys’ Blow Out Loss

We all saw the Dallas Eagles games and Cowboys fans are still in shock.  The Cowboys were leading 9-7 during the half time and some managed to lose 9-37.  How in the world did they end up losing 30 points without scoring back?

To add insult to injury, how they lost the game was pretty pathetic considering that they gave up a strip sack that ended up being a touchdown for the Eagles.

Some of the best sports betting software companies and handicappers believe that it is because they are without Ezekiel Elliot.  The first two games the Cowboys played after Elliott’s s game suspension ended in a horrible defeat.

The Cowboys are scheduled to play the Chargers on Thanksgiving day but unless they can pull a win, they will not see the playoffs.

Washington Redskins were unable to end the Saints’ winning Streak

Redskins fans are tearing still crying about the defeat they suffered at the hand of the New Orleans Saints.  Sports bettors are still wondering what the hell happened.  One minute they were dancing with  joy and the next they wondered why they just lost their bet.

The Redskins were leading by 15 points with just three minutes left before the end of the fourth quarter.  Somehow, they let the Saints tie up the game and lose in overtime.

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