2017 World Series Betting Update

2017 World Series Betting Update: Game 2

The 2017 World Series is a big thing for the Los Angeles Dodgers as this is their first World Series game in 29 years as they take on the Houston Astros for the honor of the World Series title.  The first World Series game ended up with one of the fastest win in MLB history where the Dodgers defeated the Astros 3-1 in only 2 hours and 28 minutes!

2017 World Series Betting Update: Game 2The last time a World Series game finished this fast was back in 1992 when the Atlanta Braves took on the Toronto Blue Jays in Game 4 that took 2 hours and 21 minutes.  The nice thing about this game finishing so fast is that fans and players alike were able to get out of the blistering 103 degree heat in Dodger stadium.

A quick highlight of this game will show that Clayton Kershaw was on fire last night and it was possible one of the best games of his career with the Dodgers finishing Game 1 with 11 strike out.

The Dodgers are coming in the 2017 World Series as the clear favorite to win it all but opinions are mixed as to which game of the World Series will turn them into champions.  Most sports handicappers believe that the World Series will end in either game 5 or game 5 in favor of the Dodgers.

The reasons for the Dodgers being the favorite to win are many which include:

  • Kershaw’s pitching domination
  • The Astros have a weaker relief crew
  • Dodgers have a better defense and can almost match the Astros’ offense

The current odds for Game 2 of the 2017 World Series at the time we published this article were at:

Team Starting Pitcher Run Line Money Line Total Runs
Houston Astros J. Verlander -R +1.3   -208 -103 Ov 7.5   +111
Los Angeles Dodgers R. Hill -L -1.5   +178 -107 -Un 7.5 -131

Several online sportsbooks are already getting swamped with bets for Game 2 of the World Series and even sportsbook Pay per head services are taking note of the betting trends.  Tonight’s game is very important for the Astros and the Dodgers as it will define the pace of the 2017 World Series.

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