Sports Betting Tips – Live Betting Advantage

Sports Betting Tips – Live Betting Advantage

They are many advantages to betting at an online sportsbook instead of a traditional sportsbook which include:  24-hour access, accurate lines and odds, placing prop wagers, access to sports not typically offered by local books, and of course signup bonuses.

There is however one type of online betting that is not being taken advantage of as much as it should and that is live betting which allows sports gamblers to bet on sports live.

advantages of using live bettingLive betting allows players to wager on all sorts of outcomes with the odds being updated after every play. The live betting software is extremely easy to understand and navigate while allowing the player to make wagers from the first play all the way until the end.

This presents some advantages, as the player has the ability to take into account any injuries and weather conditions that take place after the game has started.

The thing we look for when betting live online is when a team is losing because of extraordinary circumstances. If we liked the Pittsburgh Steelers to cover the spread against the Cleveland Browns, and the Browns had returned the opening kickoff for a score or built an early lead due to fluke plays such as an interception return or fumble return, and we still felt Pittsburgh was going to win we could then back the Steelers at a better line (ATS) or better odds (straight up) than we could find prior to kickoff.

Can’t imagine what the payoff would have been for backing Florida State to win outright prior to that instant-classic fumble return , but at least now sports bettors have an option to wager on a play such as that.

Other live betting options include prop wagers for quarter-by-quarter ATS lines and odds, highest-scoring quarter, and over/under props. Again, all of the odds and lines involved are updated after each play, so not only figuring out what to wager on but also when to place the wager is important to maximize profits.

Many times sports bettors will “know” how the game is going to be played out after watching the first quarter or half. Prior to live betting, the only option they had to capitalize on that was by wagering on the second half. Now those football bettors don’t have to wait in order to take advantage of that in-game knowledge.

Live betting isn’t limited to just football, there is also live wagering on basketball and baseball games, with similar props being offered and updated constantly. Don’t be afraid to check it out!

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