Using Facebook to Market Your Sportsbook

Marketing Your Sportsbook – Advertising on Facebook

Now that you have started your online bookie operation with the PricePerPlayer sportsbook pay per head solution and sports betting software, it’s time to get more people playing with you.  Making money from a sportsbook is theoretically about earning a commission for every bet you take; thus the more players that use your sports betting services the more money you make.

The best way to get more players is to of course advertise your book and in this sportsbook advertising tutorial we will go into how to advertise using social media as well as tips and tricks to get people to use your online sportsbook.

How to Market your sportsbook on Facebook

sportsbook marketing on Facebook

As of August of 2017, 2.01 billion people are on Facebook with 59.7% of them between the age of 18-34 and 66% of them being males.  This means that if you want a cost effective way to advertise your sportsbook, Facebook is a great way to start your advertising campaign.

Here are the steps to start advertising on Facebook

Step 1.  Create a Facebook Business Page

We will assume everyone has a Facebook account so you simply need to login that account and go to  From there, simply choose the type of page that best fits your sportsbook and get started.

Step 2. Make Your Facebook page appealing and to the point

When you create your page, make sure that you use a logo/profile image that stands out and that will go well with the cover image.  The cover image of your business page is a great place to highlight tag lines, advantages about using your sportsbook services and promotions.

Do make sure to fill out all of the pertinent information about your sportsbook which will include the about, location and contact information.  When you fill out the “About” Section, remember that this is one of the first items about your company that people will see so make sure it displays relevant company information.

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Step 3. Use Facebook Apps to Make Your Page More Interactive

Facebook has many add-ons and apps that you can add to your business page.  They can be a great tool to make your Sportsbook Facebook page more informative and more interactive.  Here are some of the tools that you should use:

facebook thumbs upAdd More Pages/Tabs – Think of Your Facebook page as a min-website where you can addas many pages as you can to it.  One way is to add the ThunderPeny application to it.  Thunderpenny allows you to add an HTML page to your Facebook page.  To add Thunderpeny just go to, and add it to your page.

A good way to use it is to add content like a “Bonus page” for example that can only be seen if someone likes your page.  This will give you more page likes and give more value to your page.

Integrate Twitter and Facebook – Make your life simpler by integrating your Facebook and Twitter account so that when you post on Facebook, it automatically posts on your Twitter account.  Just go to and install it

Use the Offers and Events Tab – The Offers tab is a great tool to advertise promotions on Facebook and you can even add promo codes to it.  Just click on the “Offers” link on the right menu of your page and follow the directions.

The same applies to the “Events” tab which is great for when you will have an event or a contest which allows all of your followers to know about it and notify you that they will take part in it.

facebook reviewsStep 4. Get People to like Your Page, share its content and review it

Getting people to like your Facebook page can be a challenge but it is very doable.  Here are some methods to acquire new Facebook page visitors to like your page:

  • Do SEO for your Facebook page
  • Join Facebook groups that relate to sports, gambling and sports betting. Once you have joined the group, post about your page and any promotions, make friends and invite them to like your page.
  • Create Contests that makes people post, like and share your page content.
  • Get people to write reviews about your page and showcase it

Step 5. Post on a regular basis without overdoing it

Posts about topics that sports bettors will enjoy reading.  Keep the topic relevant without over-posting.  When you post too often, people become desensitized to your posts and will start to ignore them.  Posting 1-2 times a day is considered just the right amount.  Just remember that if you do not have any relevant content to post about, then it is best to not post at all.

Even though Facebook has it’s the highest traffic between 1PM to 4PM during the week, keep in mind that the most post clicks happen between 7PM and 8PM.  In addition, Thursdays and Fridays have a higher engagement rate which is about 18% higher than the other days in the week.

Some Tips about Posting on Your Facebook Page

Every time you post, you need to add a compelling visual image to complement your post.  In fact, adding the right image can generate up to 94% more views and generates 65% more engagement after only one month.

Don’t be Afraid to try new posting strategies, you don’t want your posts to become blend with the same old stuff.  So try to post different stuff to see what works and what does not work for your sportsbook.