Wimbledon Betting Update: Tightest Security Measure in History

Wimbledon Betting Update: Tightest Security Measure in History

It’s this time of the year again where tennis fans all over the world will get to watch their favorite tennis player compete on a grass court.  As we go into the round of 128, we have Roger Federer, a seven time champion looking into adding another championship trophy to his impressive portfolio.

wimbledon increases securityThis year’s Wimbledon is a bit different than previous years because of the many terrorist attacks that have plagued London.  In the tournament’s 131 year history, security has never been this tight.  Tennis fans attending the tournaments have had to maneuver through protective barriers to get to the stadiums and need to get there early in order to make the match on time.

According to several gambling software providers, the protective barriers and checkpoints are very much alike to the ones that have been installed around London’s main bridges.  In addition, the All England Lawn Tennis Club also stated that many of the additional security measures have not been publicized and “under the radar.”

On opening day, nearly 7,000 people waited in line for up to 48 hours in order to score tickets to a Wimbledon event.  Once visitors have their tickers, they then need to wait for hours in order to get through the checkpoints.

In general, fans seem to be understandable about the increase in security considering the recent London Bridge bombings.

Many Londoners came to see their great hope, Andy Murray play.  Even though they would all like to see him win, they know that this may be a tough battle for him this year due to his injury.

Richard Lewis, the Chief Executive of the tournament said that amongst some of the increased security measures would include, under-cover surveillance spotters, firearms offices, protective barriers placed along the route into Wimbledon and a mobile reserve unit on the ground for emergency response.

“They have been put in based upon a recommendation by the security service because of the recent terrorist attacks,” Lewis told reporters at the All England Club.

The players like the fans in general do not seem to mind the extra security features and in some cases, the feedback has been positive as they say that they feel safe and secure.