How to Bet on Cycling

Cycling Betting Tutorial: How to Bet on Cycling

The sport of cycling doesn’t get a lot of attention in the United State, but that lone exception is the Tour de France, which begins in less than a week and runs through the end of July.

Between the end of the NBA Finals and the start of the NFL Preseason, baseball takes center stage in the world of sports wagering. But there are other betting options at the online sportsbooks in the summer months, including a number of cycling betting options available.

Cycling is similar to horse racing, with a number of potential winners in a big field. Of course, that results in the favorites sometimes having big odds and a potential big payday.

Different stages are more or less favorable to different riders depending on the type of stage it is. Some stages benefit the sprinters, while other stages go through the mountains and are more grueling.

Betting on cycling allows not only for picking the outright winner, but also which riders will win the stage, and that is where handicapping the field can pay off.

According to several sportsbook pay per head review websites, most Online sportsbooks  also offer match bets, which essentially gives odds on two riders with the winner of that matchup winning the bet – regardless of where those two riders finish compared to everyone else. This allows for the cycling bettor to back or fade a particular rider they feel strongly about in a positive or negative light.

While there is a vast field, the favorites tend to finish at or near the top with high frequency. Seeing a 100:1 underdog may look good, but the odds of a big underdog paying off is unlikely. Backing three or four favorites still could result in a sizeable profit if the odds are kind.

A number of online sportsbooks also offer prop wagers, including the winning rider’s home country, over/unders on race times and margin of victory, team props, and props pertaining to the famed yellow jersey.

Remember that each stage is different, and the biggest names and eventual winner will have their own strengths and weaknesses depending on the terrain. Follow the favorites and you can make a profit this July betting the bikes!