how to bet on nascar

How to Bet on NASCAR

Last updated on June 9th, 2017 at 02:29 am

Despite mainstream popularity in the United State, betting on NASCAR is not common, primarily because many sports bettors don’t understand how to bet on NASCAR.

There are three main ways to bet on NASCAR online, which is picking the outright winner, betting on individual matchups, and some prop wagers which usually include an over/under in terms of where a driver will place.

Betting on the outright winner is a straight moneyline wager.  It is similar to betting on a horse to win.

How to bet on NASCARIf Jeff Gordon is listed as +1200, then for every $100 wagered he would return $1,200 (plus the initial $100 wager returned) if he were to capture the checkered flag.

Betting on NASCAR matchups is similar to golf, where moneyline odds as posted for two racers, and the bettor can decide which one will finish ahead of the other one. In this case, it doesn’t matter if the two drivers finish 1-2 or 5-10. The only thing that matters is where they finish in relation to each other.

The final common way to bet on NASCAR is an over/under on where a driver will finish. If Jimmy Johnson is listed at 4.5, then betting Under 4.5 would mean he would need to finish between first and fourth to cash a winning ticket. Betting Over would mean he would need to finish at least fifth.

Waiting until qualifying is finished is key to successfully betting on NASCAR. Not only what position they will start the race, but also where they pit is located can potentially have a big impact on the race.

Some racetracks offer little chances for passing, while others have multiple opportunities for passing. Knowing the history of the tracks, along with the starting position, can lead to big opportunities for making some cash.

Be careful of big underdogs, while a big payday might look enticing, they rarely pay off. Do your homework and look for a soft line before making your NASCAR wager.