Draftkings Sportsbook wants to Operate in West VirginiaThe state of West Virginia is less then two weeks away from sports betting available to its residents.  In fact, West Virginia has already approved four sports betting companies to operate in the state.  According to the latest gambling news, DraftKings Sportsbook wants to operate in West Virginia.

DraftKing is one of the latest companies to apply for a sports betting license in West Virginia. However, if approved they will need a home before they can operate.  This is because according to the Gambling regulations in West Virginia, they must secure a license as a Management Services Provider.

This means that in order to offer sports betting they must find a casino partner from where to setup shop.  Sports Betting Software experts believe that this rule was put in place in order to expedite their launch date.

Nothing New for DraftKings Sportsbook

However, this rule is not new for DraftKings Sportsbook who already went through the same process in New Jersey.  This is because they followed the same process y partnering with Resort Casino in New Jersey.  Thus, they have proven themselves by making this partnership profitable. In addition, they are currently the only company to offer online Sports Betting in the state.

DraftKings Sportsbook is hoping to play catch-up against their old Fantasy Sports competitor, Fandual.com.  This is because Fandual.com is already setup to operate in West Virginia thanks to a partnership with Greenbrier

In addition, in order to operate a sportsbook in West Virginia, a casino needs to pay $100,000 and be approved by the WV Lottery Commission.  So far, the four casinos that have been approved so far for a sports betting operation are:

  • The Greenbrier
  • Hollywood Casino
  • Mardi Gras
  • Wheeling Island

Hollywood casino was the first to receive an interim permit earlier this month.  According to their press release, their sports betting operation will open on September 1, 2018.  This will make them the first sportsbook to operate in the state.

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